Best Social Media Marketing Service Providers in Bangalore

Social Media Marketing.You may like social media. You may dislike social media. But you cannot escape from the influence of Social Media outlets!


India is poised to become the world No1 in terms of internet connections. There is a mobile phone revolution taken place in India in the past decade. Today internet enabled smart phones are 98% of the mobile handsets in India. This mobile penetration handed over the power of internet to the hands of ordinary people. Facebook has become their second home! The total facebook users in India is going to exceed 300 million shortly. Social Media Marketing in India came to age in 2014 when the general elections were fought on social media paltforms in India.


Social Media is used extensively to creating brand awareness, increasing website traffic, lead generation, sales and reputation management. Personalities like Narendra Modi, Amitabh Bachan etc commands a 4 million plus followers on facebook.


Digitifi Media Private Limited is the leading social media marketing agency in Bangalore. We have the expertise to handle the whole spectrum of social media. We are a team with real life marketing experience, working with some of the best known consumer brands in India. We go beyond technology to embrace innovation and creativity. Our objective is to convert visitors to leads.


Our social media marketing experts in Bangalore can identify, develop and execute a cost-effective social media marketing campaign.


Depending on your business model, whether it is B2B or B2C, or depending on the objective of the campaign, whether it is for brand building or for sales generation, we identify the right media for your business.

Call us to find out how social media can help you grow your business!

We will be happy to help your business grow!

Our Social Media marketing Services in Bangalore

LinkedIn Marketing Services


Want to engage your business with millions of professionals?


If you have a B2B model, this is the ideal platform. We are the leading Linkedin marketing service providers in Bangalore. LinkedIn is the top most professional network. The potential of marketing with Linkedin is huge. Our Linkedin marketing experts connect you with the decision makers in the target customer organisation. You dont waste your marketing money!


With the help of Linkedin Marketing, we will be able to promote your business in an extremely targeted fashion. We can connect people by Industry, Company, Country, Location, Position etc. We are capable of running a highly cost effective camapign for you in Linkedin. And isn’t it sound awesome, if you are able to reach your target customers directly?

Facebook Marketing Services in Bangalore


Facebook is the worlds second largest website with 1 billion followers!


We are a leader in facebook marketing in Bangalore. Increasingly, every business is creating their individual facebook profiles.Facebook continues to be the best social network to set up a business page. Facebook marketing provides you a great opportunity to connect with your potential customers. Owning a facebook page is like owning a website. Owning a facebook page brings to a lot of benefits.


The most imporatant feature of facebook marketing is that it is absolutely low cost marketing. It cost nothing to create a facebook page. It also grant access to millions of target audience that can be converted into potential customers. You will be able to share real time information and success of your business on the page. Facebook page is extremely interactive. Customer feedback can be real-time.


We have an experienced Facebook marketing team in Bangalore, helping us building engaging facebook marketing campaigns. We create your page,manage the page, periodically update the page,optimize the page for search engines, and provide necessary reporting.

Video Marketing Services


Youtube marketing gives you the edge!


A video is more powerful than a thousand words. Youtube is the worlds second largest search engine. It is a compelling case to get on to Youtube marketing. Youtube improve your SEO chances. If you create engaging video, your followers will take it to places without spending a penny.


Digitifi Media is the leading video marketing company in Bangaore. We have a great team developing excellent content and promote them in Youtube and vimeo. We ensure your video reaches places with brilliant use of the potential of Youtube.

Twitter Marketing


Engage with your audience


At Digitifi we know how important it is for your business to target the local customers especially if your business is offering products. We optimize your website and get it listed on all the important business listings where all your potential customers could be looking for you.

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