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Video marketing-Accelerate customer engagement.


Digitifi Media is a corporate video production and corporate video marketing company based out of India’s Silicon Valley, bangalore.


Video is becoming the main medium of communication online. It is a smart way to highlight products and services of your company. These can be used on your web site as a marketing tool. Publishing your corporate video in Youtube.Com is a great method to popularise your company. This will enhance your company’s appeal on search engines. Video click-through rates is higher than regular ads.It is observed that websites with good video attract much more repeat visitors.

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Product Videos Production and Explainer video production in Bangalore


These type of explainer videos highlight the product lines of the company, what is the company standing for, what are the core values of the business etc. Our experts creates stunning movies which increases the first hand impression of your business.Afterall our objective of explainer video production is not just look and feel, but to generate business for you!


We have experience in explainer videos production in Bangalore. Explainer videos can be used for product demonstration. Explainer video production allows companies to showcase their products in live action. If your distribution reach is limited, this is an outstanding method to reach more people.

Corporate Videos Production

If you are a consultant or an expert in any field, explainer video creation will be used to create your reputation as a subject matter expert. You can create tutorials or short question answer sessions. Product demo videos are also popular. This helps to quickly build your brand’s personality.


Corporate Video Production in Bangalore


We have created many high quality corporate videos for some of the most admired brands in India. This is an effective way to communicate to a large audience about your business. These can be used in in-house training, conferences and presentation purposes. We create videos for Product demos, product detailer videos for new launches, educational movies, how-to do , general narrative, and internal training purpose.


At Digitifi.Com, we have produced corporate videos for motivational purpose at sales meetings and conferences. What should be told over 2 days of meeting can be compressed in 15 minutes of stunning corporate movie production.


Corporate movie production is the most important digital asset any company should include in their marketing plans. Proper Integration of your sales and marketing video communications with your day to day efforts will help you communicate the value proposition your company is offering. This will help build relationships. No doubt that your customers will be driven to the buying process. While considering the persuasive power, there is nothing which can be compared to video.


Youtube Video Marketing in Bangalore


If you want to ensure optimal result from your video production strategy, YouTube should be used as a key distribution channel. At Digitifi Media Private Limited, we have years of experience in managing in-stream and in-display campaign on youtube.


There are some important benefits of being on Youtube, the most important is that you save a lot of bandwidth. And of course, with the huge following of youtube, your products and services reach millions of people in record time

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