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It is indeed a difficult job to find out the genuine SEO services in Bangalore.We are a leading SEO service provider in Bangalore, Electronic City. We have many successful projects under our belt. SEO is an art. We are masters in the art. Our SEO tools are foolproof. Our successful projects will tell you.

Top SEO Service Providers in Bangalore. We save you millions on advertising money.

It is established that majority of the visitors on Google search page doesn’t go beyond first page. Your website appearing anywhere other than first page doesn’t make commercial sense. Don’t you think it is exciting if your website comes on the first page of all search results? Out of all the SEO companies in Bangalore, we are the best SEO company in Electronic City, Bangalore. We serve all locations in Bangalore. True to our billing, we have got 100% success rate.


Our SEO specialists in Bangalore help you promote your business through search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is also called as organic ranking, where you are able to get benefits of advertising without actually spending a rupee.

Do you need an expert to do SEO in Bangalore?

SEO is the most important factor to be built in while creating your website. But if you are handing over the assignment to non-professionals or even technical professionals it will not work. An IT guy is the right guy for your website development, not for SEO. That’s why at Digitifi.Com, we have digital marketing experts handling SEO.


Search Engine Optimisation is supposed to be done while you launch the website. But that’s not the end of it. We don’t offer you a single dose vaccine to stay relevant.It is a continuous process. The factors deciding search rankings keep changing. Hence the process also need to be evolved.We keep generating reports on your site performance and help you make the right decisions.

Ask Our Experts.

We will be happy to help your business grow!

We dont believe in gimmicks. We believe in content. Content is not about stuffing keywords. We create content which will solve the queries of searchers. SEO doesn’t happen overnight. You need not be fooled by such promises.


We cant guarantee a top ranking. Anybody guaranteeing top ranking is lying.Because only the search engine can tell you the exact process of page rankings. What we do is to help search engines help their users find the right information they want. What we can guarantee is a constant effort to stay relevant to search expectations. At Digitifi.Com, our Google certified experts through their experience make the decisions regarding page ranking factors. We will work in your best interest!

What will be the cost of SEO?

SEO is an investment. Different business got different priorities and requirements. The supermarket operates differenty from a boutique store. One size doesn’t suit all. We need different skill sets to handle different environments. Time and effort required in research and development of SEO strategy of different companies are different. Hence we don’t publish our rates before studying the customer requirements.


To find out more about how we can generate targeted, qualified, traffic to your website via SEO, please call us today.


How to do SEO  (Search Engine Optimization)?

How to get your website on first page of Google Search!!


On Page SEO is the basic of SEO process. A well optimized page only can come to the first page results for the targeted keywords. 60% of the search results are brought only by the proper on page optimization. Off page optimization supports the on page SEO and connects more and more customers to the quality pages and information to the visitors. Coding analysis for a proper coding and the shorter loading time of the page is very important to bring the page into the higher rankings of all major search engines.


Digitifi is one of the best SEO providers in Bangalore. We have expert knowledge on all aspects of the SEO process and bring the ultimate solution to all the type of websites and businesses.


As the world of Internet is growing, the need for Search Engine Optimization is becoming crucial for any business on the web. Digitifi ensures to take the effective measures to provide our customers with SEO Friendly websites that help them achieve the best SERPs. Take a look at the detailed task list on the on-site optimization process.

What are all the steps of SEO required for my company?

Following are some of the basic stes of SEO. These are some of the requirements out of a checklist of almost 250 parameters. Please call us today to find what is exactly suitable to your business.

  1. Meta Tags Optimization
  2. HTML Tags Optimization
  3. Image Optimization
  4. Anchor Tag Optimization
  5. Optimize Cascading Style Sheets
  6. Removal of Inline Style Tags
  7. HTML Code Structure Improvement
  8. Optimize JavaScript
  9. Improving the Navigation Structure and File Structure
  10. HTML Sitemap Optimization
  11. XML Sitemap and Submission
  12. Page Load Analysis
  13. Internal Linking of the keywords
  14. 301 Redirect Analysis
  15. 404 Error Optimization
  16. Robots.txt File Optimization
  17. Enhancing Existing Content
  18. Keyword Density Analysis

How To Do Link Building For Seo?

Digitifi got a team of talented SEO experts in Bangalore, who enhance your web presence by building the links from high PR sites.


Link building is a part of the Search Engine Optimization process to gain high search rankings and improve your web presence. Link building services are on high demand now. Creating back links to a site is an art and if you are looking out for an affordable, quality link building services then you have come to the right place. We design strategically built quality link building plans that suit business needs of variant customers from different industries.


Our link builders choose the right sites which are close to your niche business keeping in mind the business goals and that in turn lead huge referral traffic to the site.


We have different packages of link building services available from which you can pick the one that suits your business needs. Attain extensive traffic and business leads by choosing our all in one link building plans. Our link building services are affordable, effective and traffic generators.

Do My Small Business Need SEO?

Not always. Before starting an SEO campaign, we help you research your target market size using search phrase volume data. We build an ROI plan to determine whether investment in SEO services is feasible. In some cases, we will recommend that SEO is not suitable for your business. Our philosophy is about building long term mutually beneficial relationships, and we prefer to avoid working with clients where forecasted ROI is not clear.

How Long It Will Take To See SEO Results?

As a best practice SEO agency, our policy is to have a long term relationship with clients in order to achieve objectives discussed at the outset. We avoid running SEO campaigns that will deliver only short term traffic. After the initial project setup we recommend a 12 months services contract whereby we analyse, report and improve your SEO campaign to deliver long term results.

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